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Ministry means "to serve". At Redeeming Word Church, we seek to glorify God and edify humanity through service and sacrifice.  We have prayerfully and strategically crafted a myriad of ministry offerings. Each is designed to foster opportunities of engagement with fellow members, impartation of wisdom, and faith-building life applications. We grow closer through fellowship... we get better through service! 


The purpose of this ministry is to serve those who are outside the walls of our church by offering them a message of hope and showing them the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by ministering to all we meet, especially those who are unsaved, un-churched, homeless, and incarcerated. This ministry includes: Outreach, Evangelism, and Prison Ministry.

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Men's Ministry

The purpose of this brotherhood is to foster fellowship, Christian growth, and accountability to the men of this congregation and the community. The primary objective is to equip men to be servant-leaders in their families, church, and sphere of influence. 

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Women's Ministry

The purpose of this sisterhood is to foster fellowship, Christian growth and support to the women of this congregation and the community. The primary objective is to promote healing and wholeness of the total-woman for abundant living. 

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Youth & Young Adults

The purpose of this ministry is to teach and reveal the character of God today to tomorrow's leaders. We offer two flourishing youth ministries, each provides a safe non-judgmental atmosphere where Christian morals and principles are taught and practiced. This ministry includes: 4:12 Youth, E.P.I.C. Young Adults, Children's Church, Youth Bible Study, and Campus Ministry.

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Public Relations

The purpose of this ministry is to perpetuate the message of the gospel through interpersonal relations and mass media. We strive to engage our neighbors, our region, the nation, and abroad. We accomplish this by taking ministry to the masses via community involvement, marketplace partnerships, and social platforms. This ministry includes: Media Ministry (Audio/Video team), Web Design, Photography & Videography, and Social Media.

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The purpose of this ministry is to serve God by serving others. These ministry servants offer a variety of support to members and visitors in practical, intentional, and loving ways. The primary objective of this ministry is to provide high-level service with a smile! This ministry includes: Greeters, Beautification, Pastor's Aide, Ushers, Maintenance & Facilities, Bereavement, Congregational Care, Parking & Grounds, Altar Workers, Visitors & Nurturing, Hospitality, and Mothers' Ministry.

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Fellowship Ministry


From the translated Greek word “Koinonia” we derive the English word “Fellowship”.  The word means communion, participation, social intercourse, or to communicate.  The purpose of this ministry is interdepartmental partnerships and guest relations. This ministry includes: Special Projects, 3rd Sunday Glory, Marriage Ministry, Singles Ministry, and Culinary Ministry.

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Christian Education


The purpose of this ministry is to instruct truth seeking believers in deeper understanding and life application of God's word. This ministry includes: Sunday School, Leadership Development, New Members, New Converts, and Spiritual Authority classes.

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Drama, Arts and Music


The purpose of this ministry is to render  worship offerings through artistry. This ministry ushers the congregation into God's presence through anointed dance, meaningful plays/skits, and passionate minstrels and vocals. This ministry includes: Praise Dancers, Choir and Praise Team, Mime Ministry, Step Team, and Band.

To inquire about joining a particular ministry, please see the Ministry Leader, or send an email.
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