Family: Tina was born on July 31 in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Meacham Park. She is the oldest child and only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James and Gertha Lee Greer. Her mother passed in December 2000 and exactly two years later her father passed. She says, “My father was madly in love with my mother. He was heartbroken and just couldn’t bear living without her.” Tina has four brothers: James, Alfred, Daryl (deceased), and Michael. She is a loving mother of 4 daughters: Genine, Sharon, Shirley, and Tina Jr.; and 4 sons: Beno, Eddie, Brandon, and Brian. The Lord has graced her with 15 grandchildren! Tina's parents taught her to be a woman of strength, charisma, influence, and style. She also credits both of her grandmothers (Lula “Grannie” Crumer and Elnora “Mother” Greer) with teaching her domestic skills in cooking, parenting, and home making. After brief stops in Chicago and Alabama, Tina was directed by God to move to Atlanta in January 2019. This relocation has been a tremendous blessing to her life.


Education: Graduate of Kirkwood High School (St. Louis) where she was an athlete on the Volleyball and Basketball teams. She even took her brothers and their friends to task playing street football! Tina later studied Photography and Fashion Design at Meramec College (St. Louis), and Fashion Design at Chicago School of the Arts. She says she would definitely consider returning to school to complete her degree in fashion. Tina was raised to believe education opens many doors in life. Thus, she encouraged all of her children to pursue post-secondary education… and now 6 of the 8 have degrees!

Employment/Career:  With her penchant for all things glam, Tina has created her own line of fashion accessories called Juliana Tiers “Style That Stands Alone” ( She sketches, cuts, sews, and styles… creating a total look from start to finish for whatever her client desires. One of her favorite fashion icons is Audrey Hepburn. Tina is always accepting new clients and plans to expand her fashion line to shoes and purses. In addition to her passion for fashion, she has an endearing love for children. For more than 7 years she operated Mama Tina’s Day Care, a safe haven for parents to leave their children in the best of care.


Faith/Ministry: She was brought up in a household of dual faiths. Though her father was Pentecostal and her mother was Catholic, she was not raised nor encouraged to attend church of any particular persuasion. However, at 10 y/o she began having divine visitations where the Lord would lead her to attend weekly church services…on her own. It was during these encounters with God that she began to really know and learn of Jesus Christ. At 21 y/o she made a conscious and personal decision to accept salvation. She joined the membership of Saints Fellowship Mission COGIC under Pastor Charles Chatman. Throughout the years, Tina has been actively involved in ministry as a Sunday School teacher, Young People Willing Workers instructor, and Sunshine Band leader. Because of her effervescent personality, children and young people are drawn to her. With every encounter and interaction, she sows seeds of wisdom and spiritual truths into their lives. She is a woman of God with conviction and zeal for Christ. She has a strong evangelism ministry, and the Lord uses her in the gifts of dreams and healing. She tells her personal testimony of near death experiences (sickness and a car accident) where the Lord undeniably intervened and stayed the hand of the enemy to spare her life! Tina uses every opportunity to tell of the goodness of Jesus. To catch her Facebook Live broadcast every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00am Eastern search FB for “Juliana’s Tina”. Tina joined Redeeming Word in May 2019.  She’s known Pastor Randle since they were teens in St. Louis. Her love and loyalty for Pastor and 1st Lady Randle is born of a family bond that cannot be broken.


Talents/Skills: All things fashion… and all things food! Tina touts herself to be a master chef who gets it done in the kitchen! Southern cuisine is her mainstay. From catfish to cobblers to BBQ to spaghetti to sweet potato pies… you name it, she can put it down!


Leisure/Fun: Tina is a whimsical, imaginative, fun loving woman who loves to laugh and invoke laughter.  Spending quality time with her family is the highlight of her life. God has so favored her to be surrounded by loved ones of all ages who keep her young and keep her grounded. When she does find some down time she enjoys reading, watching movies, going out to eat, and hanging with the saints in fellowship n’ fun. Now that she’s settling into Atlanta, she’s excited about seeing more of all that this great city has to offer!  She has dreams of setting sail on cruises to tour the Caribbean islands. She hopes to enjoy vacations in Hawaii, Paris, and Egypt. But what she knows for certain will happen every year is her birthday celebration with all the people she loves! This festive occasion with her children and grands is priceless. Tina exercises to stay in great shape and strength. She walks for 30 minutes a day and occasionally teaches Zumba classes.


Trivia: Have you noticed? Tina Greer bears a certain resemblance to the legendary Tina Turner! She's played that impression to the hilt at many costume parties and celebrity “look-a-likes”. The fabulous Tina Greer represents the fabulous Tina Turner properly in full-on regalia of stilettos, wigs, and all the animation and verve of this world class superstar!


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