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March Member Spotlight

FAMILY. Nivea (aka "Niv") is the oldest daughter of Sierra Russell. She has three siblings: San'sanya (8 y/o), San'tiana (4 y/o), and San'tonio Jr. (2 y/o). She was born in Opelika, AL and her family moved to Atlanta about 7 years ago. Nivea is excited to turn "Sweet 16" in August!

EDUCATION. Freshman at Discovery High School in Lawrenceville, GA. Her long legs serve her well, as she's been running track since Middle School. Her favorite subjects are Reading and Composition. The last literary work she read was For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf (by Ntozake Shange). She plans to attend college, and is now considering what school(s) to attend.

EMPLOYMENT/CAREER. What Nivea knows for sure is that she'll have a career helping people... either as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist or a Family Therapist. She knows God has given her a compassionate heart for those who need help and healing; whether physically, emotionally, or both. She wants to be the living example of I John 3:17, showing the Lord of God to those in need. 

FAITH/MINISTRY. Received salvation at 11 y/o. For nearly 16 years - as long as she's been alive, LOL! - she has known that God is good, period. Through whatever tough times she has experienced, she always knew that God was right by her side. It's because of God's faithfulness to be there for her, that she wants to be used of Him to be there for others. She always offers words of support, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. August 6, 2018 was life changing for Nivea, when she was able to return to the ministry of Redeeming Word, a place she calls "the best church in the world!" Pastor & 1st Lady have always offered parental guidance and genuine love. She serves every Sunday as a Junior Greeter/Junior Usher, welcoming members and visitors with a warm smile and hug. She also loves to pray and aspires to be an Intercessory Prayer Warrior in the church!

TALENTS. Loves to draw... specifically houses! She recently created a vision board to help chart her plan to start a T-shirt line called The Young One That Glows and Grows.

FUN/LEISURE. Likes to hang with her friends Aliyah (at school) and Kayla (at church). Has an interest in doing fun Youtube videos for kids/teens! She also enjoys serving the less fortunate by providing blankets and food to the homeless. This work keeps her humble and reminds her that we all should do our part to give back.

FUN FACTS. A goofball at heart, Nivea loves, loves, LOVES to laugh and often times it's at herself... she admits to being quite clumsy! She loves the color blue and soul food. Her personal motto is: "You are strong. You are beautiful. You can do it." Nivea wants to always be known as a person who shares the love and light of the Lord.

February Member Spotlight


FAMILY. Known as “Coco” to family and close friends she was born April 29, 1980 in Brooklyn, NY to Linda and Michael (father deceased April 2011). Her mother was an Administrative Assistant with the City of New York and her father was a restaurant Chef. She has an older sister, Tiwanda. Her mother and step-father (Theodore Canigan) moved the family to Palm Bay, Florida in 1992 and from Florida to Atlanta in 2010. Kanema is a proud mother of four daughters: Amani 17 y/o, Minyaga 16 y/o, Aysha 13 y/o, and Zion 5 y/o.

EDUCATION. Upon moving to Florida, Kanema enrolled in and graduated from Melbourne High School in 1998. She was a three-year member of the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) and also played Clarinet in the band. In 2004, she earned an Associates degree in Science from Florida Metropolitan University (Melbourne). She also completed their Medical Assistant program.

EMPLOYMENT/CAREER. For the past 16 years Kanema has worked in the medical field. She began her career as a basic file clerk and has successfully worked up the ranks. She currently works for Peach State in Marietta as a Referral Specialist for Insurance Claims.

FAITH/MINISTRY. Though Kanema was not raised in the church, she benefited from the spiritual influence of her maternal Great Grandmother who was a Pentecostal preacher. It wasn’t until her teen years in Florida that she began attending church and subsequently accepted Jesus as her Savior at Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne. She came to RW by invitation of her Godmother, Evang. Natalie Ramsey, and joined as a member during a Wednesday night Bible Study in 2010. She has served in ministry as an Usher and she kickstarted the media ministry. During the toddler years, she was also Rayne Randle’s armourbearer. What she appreciates most about RW is the personable, hands-on approach of Pastor & 1st Lady Randle, and the family oriented, togetherness of the membership. As she continues to grow in God, she is learning to become more patient to wait and more faithful to believe.

TALENTS. Having a Ghanian father and Jamaican step-father – plus raising four healthy, active children – it’s no wonder that Kanema’s best talent is COOKING! Her girls love mom’s jerk chicken and curry dishes. She’s also a techie who likes tinkering with cellphones and computers.

LEISURE/FUN. As a single parent, Kanaema is fully involved in her daughters’ lives whether sporting activities, school functions, college preparations, or chilling at home watching Netflix. For her own recreation she enjoys bowling and karaoke, movies and concerts. Her all-time favorite movie is Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

FUN FACT. Kanema is a fun-loving, risk-taker. Over the past few years she has gone zip-lining and jet skiing… facing her fear of heights and water like a BOSS!

January Member Spotlight


FAMILY Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica on December 24, 1998. He is the only child of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Nadia Lawrence. His mother worked in the Jamaican Tourism Ministry. His father was a singer and musician who spent significant time touring with gospel reggae groups Change and The Living Stones. Grant spent a lot of time in his maternal grandmother’s care. Through wisdom and guidance, she taught him significant life skills including: love God, pursue your passion with purpose, and how to cook. She passed away on Mother’s Day 2012, but not before pouring all that she had into him. Grant’s family moved to Atlanta in April 2014.

EDUCATION Graduated from South Gwinnett High School (Snellville) in 2017. He played several instruments in the school orchestra. Because of his advanced level proficiency with instruments, he still holds one of the highest musical training scores at his alma mater. During senior year he enrolled in Gwinnett Tech to pursue an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. Upon completion he will then pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline.

EMPLOYMENT/CAREER Currently the Kitchen Supervisor at Hyatt Regency-Perimeter, previously the Executive Sous Chef at Courtyard Marriott-Buckhead. He’s a versatile Culinarian who specializes in all types of food and flavors, providing delectable meals for every palette. He loves experimenting with food to create and infuse new flavors. Grant’s goal is to own and operate his own restaurant where his two favorite things – music and food - collide. It will be a family-friendly, eclectic Christian eatery that bridges artistry and casual dining.

FAITH/MINISTRY Since early childhood Grant remembers knowing God and has progressively grown in fellowship with Him. His paternal grandfather is a Pastor. His late grandmother taught him the power of prayer and the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord. He was raised in a Christian home with influences of Brethren and Church of God faiths. He was introduced to the Pentecostal reformation upon moving to Atlanta. Grant came to Redeeming Word Church via invitation of Min. Dave Myers (another Jamaican transplant and long-time family friend). He attended for a year and officially joined in September 2018. Grant uses his Christian faith to speak encouragement and direction to young people as a big-brother and mentor. He believes God is putting him on a path for success and showing him the things and people that must be eliminated as distractions and hindrances. During this season of growth and transition, he finds comfort in Galatians 4:16.

TALENTS A multi-instrumentalist. He can proficiently play drums, piano, bass, flute, ukulele…to name a few. He wants to learn to play the harp, but first must actually see one in person! Grant also sings. At 13 y/o he was recognized in The Gleaner (a Jamaican publication) for performing a rousing rendition of “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley. As such a young, skilled musician God has favored him with great privilege to perform in Chicago, New York, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

LEISURE/FUN Eating out with friends (says, “Mango Chicken at Magic Wok-Lenox Mall is the BEST!”) or hosting meals and fellowship at home. Grant enjoys watching movies that are thought-provoking and inspirational.

FUN FACT Learned to play guitar at 9 y/o after literally having a guitar thrown at him by a student bully. It was a beat-up guitar in need of TLC. Grant repaired it, became proficient with it, and taught many other students…with that same guitar! It’s since been handed down to multiple musicians and is now being used by a burgeoning Jamaican artist named Koffee.