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December Member Spotlight


Introducing Sis. Veanna “Vee” Mumuni! Veanna is the daughter of Evangelist Vanessa Hill and Reggie Mathis. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday on November 22nd! She was born in Columbus, GA and moved to Atlanta in 1994, at 8 years old. Her father and three siblings (2 brothers and 1 sister) live in Columbus. Veanna is the proud mom of a lively 2-year-old son, Stephen (aka “Jack-Jack” aka “Oodie”), who will be 3 years old in January.

Veanna graduated from Lithonia High School in 2005. From 9th through 12th grades she was a highly achieved, notably decorated, well accomplished cadet in the NJROTC program (Navy Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps). She earned numerous awards for participation on the Rifle Team, Drill Team, and Sports Teams. Being so involved in ROTC, both she and her mother had expectations of her joining the military after high school…then love came along. Shortly after graduation she got married and relocated overseas with her husband, who was in the Army. Being a military wife afforded her the opportunity of international travels to Germany, Paris, Czech Republic, and Austria.

Veanna has the distinction of being one of the founding members of Redeeming Word Church. She and her mother were members of Anointed Word Evangelistic COGIC (Bishop Bobbie Henderson), and followed Pastor Raymond Randle to establish RWC at a local hotel. She has been active in the Youth Department as the Choreographer for the Praise Dance Team.

Veanna lived in Hohenfels, Germany (near Grafenwöhr) from 2009-2012. During this time she was under watch-care covering at Hour of Prayer COGIC (Supt. David Byrd). Both Veanna and Hour of Prayer were blessed to have the spirit and anointing of RWC in Germany when they hosted her mother, Evangelist Hill, for a One Night Revival! Veanna built loving, lasting relationships while in Germany, and plans to visit in 2017 so that Stephen can see his Godmother.

Though she enjoyed her many travels, Veanna says one thing is for sure…there’s no place like RWC and there’s no one like Pastor Randle. Veanna says, “Pastor Randle preaches on a practical level that enables you to see your life in his message.” Having known Pastor Randle since her childhood, she considers him her “Uncle-Pastor” and loves him like family. Regarding 1st Lady Randle, instinctively Veanna says, “I just love her!” Upon returning to the workforce after maternity leave, 1st Lady was one of Stephen’s first babysitters, and they’ve been bonded ever since. She appreciates how 1st Lady is always available for her if she needs advice, has questions, or solicits prayer.

Veanna currently works in the Insurance industry as a Claims Agent for Crawford & Company (Atlanta). She has been employed there since 2014 and aspires to become a Licensed Adjuster upon completing required testing in early 2017. However; ultimately, Veanna feels her vocation is separate and apart from insurance. Her goal is to begin a career in Psychology, as she enjoys learning how people work. She is currently enrolled at University of Maryland University College (UMUC) pursuing an Associate’s degree in Psychology. Raising an inquisitive toddler, as well as working with the Youth Department, piqued her interest in Child Psychology - studying the mindset, consciousness, and sensibility of children. For this reason, she is focused on achieving advanced degrees in Psychology to eventually earn a Doctorate.

Veanna is a multi-talented young woman of God. She has excellent aptitude in sewing and knitting (a talent discovered after joining a knitting group in Germany). In Austria she took up snowboarding and skiing…with ease! She’s also an outstanding swimmer who was encouraged by her high school Swim Coach to pursue an athletic scholarship for college. Additionally, Veanna is a self-taught videographer with bankable talent! From 2009-2013 she produced, edited, and uploaded videos as a paid partner with! Google still solicits her for assignments and projects, but right now being a hands-on mom takes priority.

Veanna’s greatest joy is watching her son grow day-by-day and marking notable milestones in his life. Seeing the world through Stephen’s eyes and observing how he takes in every moment is an unexplainable feeling. She says Stephen is a precocious, rambunctious kid who’s wise beyond his years! He continually discovers new things and has the ability to apply what he learns. He loves going to church and will emphatically echo whatever he hears from the pulpit! He’s enamored by books and reading and refers to EVERY book as his Bible! Possibly a preacher in the making, he even has his own microphone at home and will stomp around evangelizing everyone with a commanding “Say AMEN!”

Veanna’s favorite scripture is Matthew 5: 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. She credits her mom as her greatest inspiration saying, “My mom survived many personal storms, but she shielded me and never let me see her sweat. She’s my example of strength and resilience.”

Veanna’s personal motto is: “Today I could very well lose my mind, but as long as God is on my side, I’ll be ok.”…a bold affirmation for any situation!

November Member Spotlight


Introducing Elder Vashon L. Saulter! Elder Saulter was born April 9, 1980 in Jacksonville, FL. He was raised by his uncle and aunt, Johnnie and Gale Mincey, and was brought up in the church (Cathedral of Faith COGIC in Jacksonville, Bishop C. D. Kinsey). At the age of 7 years old, Elder Saulter came to know God as Jehovah Rohi (the Lord my shepherd/protector) when tragedy visited his family. He was not only shielded from discovering the brutal crime scene of his murdered mother, but the Lord also spared his life from the hands of the perpetrator! Through the power God’s divine love, he found forgiveness in his heart. At the age of 16 years old, Elder Saulter made a personal decision to receive salvation and has chased after God ever since.

After graduating from First Coast High School in 1999, Elder Saulter enrolled in Edward Waters College, the oldest Historically Black College & University (HBCU) in the state of Florida. In 2002, he relocated to Atlanta to attend another HBCU, Clark Atlanta University, as a Business Administration major. After some years of pondering a career choice, in April 2010 he accepted a position as a Bank Teller at Wells Fargo. This employment opportunity would ultimately chart the course of his career in the banking industry. Elder Saulter proved himself by leveraging every opportunity for professional development and career advancement. He enjoyed great success and was rewarded with notable promotions in a short amount of time. In July 2012 he was promoted to Assistant Manager (Service Manager), a testament of God’s favor and his diligence to be prepared for every open door. He held this position for a year and was again promoted…to Branch Manager in 2013! However, in March 2016 in what seemingly was a sucker-punch by the enemy, Elder Saulter was suddenly terminated. What was soon to unfold was that, the Lord protected Elder Saulter from the backlash of internal corruption at Wells Fargo, which was exposed on a national level...”Won’t He Do It!”

In May 2016, Elder Saulter relocated to Nashville, TN in pursuit of employment opportunities. By July 2016, he was offered a position at Suntrust Bank in the dual role of Branch Manager AND Assistant Vice President! Elder Saulter testifies that “When we seek God in the midst of turmoil and confusion, He’ll show us that He ALWAYS has something better in mind!” Since moving to Nashville, Elder Saulter has returned to school (Trevecca Nazarene University, Business Management major). Even with his work schedule and course load, Elder Saulter has been dedicated to staying connected to his home church by visiting 2-3 times a month for fellowship. Knowing he’s only in Nashville for a season, he looks forward to returning to Atlanta for good, when the Lord releases him.

Elder Saulter has been a member of Redeeming Word Church since late spring 2013. He expresses that what makes RWC an effective ministry is “Pastor Randle’s ability to pull out and activate your spiritual gifts…whether they are lying dormant, or if you never knew they were within you.” His personal testimony is that Pastor Randle has pulled him to a higher level of intercession and activated and sharped his prophetic gift. Elder Saulter appreciates how Pastor Randle develops leaders to be accountable and to live to a standard of excellence in all ways. Elder Saulter regards 1st Lady Randle as a mother-figure who exhibits agape love; whether in correction, counseling, or consolation. He also highly esteems his church family, stating RWC has quickly become his surrogate family, opening their heart and their home if ever he needs them.

Elder Saulter is a licensed Minister, ordained Elder, and is the President of Evangelism for the North Central Georgia Jurisdiction. God has gifted him in the areas of Administration and Management which he utilizes to the glory of God both in ministry and the business sector. As a prophet and intercessor, in seeking the Lord regarding the state of affairs for this nation, the Lord has revealed that “simultaneous to the changing of the guards in the leadership of this country, there is a shifting in the body of Christ at large and we (the believers) must be prepared. God wants to hear us so that He can heal us (2 Chronicles 7:14)!”

Elder Saulter’s greatest inspirations are his Uncle Johnnie and Pastor Randle. He honors Uncle Johnnie “for stepping up as a father-figure and raising me to be a man.” He has great respect for Pastor Randle “for being an integral part in my growth as a man of God.” His favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 and his favorite sermon is “The Ability To Shake It Off” (Bishop C. D. Kinsey) from the text of Acts 28.

Elder Saulter is a man of great taste and eclectic interests. He enjoys shopping (Los Angeles has the trendiest spots), traveling (anticipating a trip to Seattle), fine dining (loves Italian dishes), and great music (from Hezekiah Walker to Lalah Hathaway).

Did you know?...Elder Saulter is a Roller Coaster fanatic!! No matter how anointed and successful, he takes time to minister to the kid within!

October Member Spotlight


Meet Sister Jocelyn L. Dennis…also known as “Jackie” to family, and “JD” to friends! Jocelyn was born August 18, 1991 in Manhasset, New York (located on the north shore of Long Island). After a couple relocations within New York she, her parents, and siblings moved to Georgia when she was 10 years old. Jocelyn attended South Cobb High School and was elected Senior Class President of her 2009 graduating class! In May 2013, she graduated from Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Multi-Media Communications (with minor studies in Psychology). She is currently employed as a Client Liaison at VCG Consultants, Atlanta. She plans to return to school in Fall 2017 to pursue a Masters degree in Psychology.

Jocelyn has been a member of Redeeming Word Church since 2009. She and her family came to RWC by recommendation of her grandmother, Sis. Pauline Finch, and Dr. Blanche Bello (family friend and RWC member). Jocelyn serves in ministry on the Praise Team and assists as a Youth Worker. The majority of her 6 years at RWC have been occupied with high school activities and college course work; however, now as a young adult she looks forward to becoming more involved with the Youth Department.

Jocelyn didn’t grow up in the church. She accepted salvation in 2009 and has been on a journey of spiritual growth. She says RWC has enlightened her perspective of who God is and the benefit of having a solid foundation in the church. Through prayer and sincere worship in her private time, she’s discovering that as she yields herself more to God, He proves Himself more to her. She credits the teaching, preaching, and prophetic voice of Pastor Randle as being the catalyst of her spiritual maturity. She appreciates how he makes the Word easy to understand and apply to your life in a practical way because, “his messages are tailored for everyone’s understanding, regardless of the level of their spiritual journey.” Additionally, Jocelyn values how Pastor Randle teaches the importance of being people of God who are aware and informed. Aside from spiritual development, she’s learning to be in-the-know with politics and social affairs, as God wants His people to be engaged with how and where to execute their spiritual authority and take dominion! Jocelyn honors 1st Lady Randle for being the consummate example of a Christ-like woman. She states, “1st Lady is such an inspiration to ALL women. She exemplifies the walk and wisdom of a woman of God.”

Jocelyn has been favored to find love at a young age! She is engaged to marry her college sweetheart, Mr. Aaron Steede, in just a few days on October 22nd, here in Atlanta! They look forward to honeymooning at a future date to the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos. Jocelyn is a young woman with great ambition. After settling into the married life, she has a 5-year plan to be student-loan free and embarking on a career as a Clinical Psychologist within the public school system. Her long-term goal is to establish her own private practice as a Psychologist. To her life-plans and goals, she applies Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Jocelyn is a young, vibrant woman who’s “living her best life” (her personal motto). She is a lively social butterfly who enjoys good times with great friends. She has an eclectic taste in music (gospel, pop, neo-soul, classic R&B) and is her brother’s biggest cheerleader at South Cobb High School football games! Jocelyn says her mother, Sis. Felicia Dennis, is her greatest inspiration because of her peaceful, nurturing, gentle spirit.

Did you know?...Jocelyn loves Bath and Body Works? Her favorite scent is Cherry Blossom! (hint, hint…BBW gift cards!)

September Member Spotlight


Introducing Sister Keesha L. Nixon! Keesha was born September 11, 1977 in Elmhurst, NY. From childhood into her early 20s she grew up in South Jamaica Queens. Following the death of her mother in 2000, she moved to Jacksonville, FL where she resided until moving to Atlanta in 2004. Keesha is the proud mother of five (1 daughter and 4 sons): Shakelah (22 y/o), Maurice (21 y/o), Darius (20 y/o), Lollice (deceased, 16 y/o), and Joshua (2 ½ y/o). She is also the beaming “Gran-Gran” of beautiful granddaughter Braylee (9 mos).

In addition to caring for her family Keesha is committed to pursuing her own dreams of educational advancement and career development. As a long time student of Thomas University (Thomasville, GA) she has earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts (2011) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (2014). She is currently enrolled in the Master’s degree program for Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling (conferral 2017). Because of hard work and dedication, Keesha has made numerous appearances on the Merit List, Dean’s List, and President’s List. She has also been inducted into the prestigious Alpha Sigma Lamda Honor Society and Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society! Following grad school, she will pursue credentials as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor. Ever striving for her personal best, Keesha then plans to begin studies for her Doctoral degree in Psychology or Behavioral Analysis. Keesha is positioning herself to one day open her own private practice specializing in Mental and Spiritual Health, as both are key components to overall wellness.

Being a single mom and full-time college student, Keesha is favored to have the convenience of working from home as a Direct Sales Associate for Carnival Cruise, concurrent to completing an internship with Georgia Vocational Rehab Agency. Keesha’s employment background has mostly been in Healthcare, serving in various roles in the hospital and homecare setting (15 yrs), and in Law Enforcement as a Fulton County 911 Dispatcher (6 years). Her experience with those in crisis was the catalyst that guided her educational pursuits and career goals. Since childhood she’s been everyone’s go-to person for emotional support. As she matured, and began to recognize certain patterns and cycles in her life, she understood it was all God’s will to push her into her purpose.

Keesha joined RWC at the beginning of the year in 2011. Over the years she has enjoyed lending her talent and time as an Usher, Hospitality Committee, and she periodically fills in as a Choir/Praise Team member. She was referred to RWC by Pastor Candace Lewis, her former pastor in Florida (and friend and fellow seminarian of Pastor Randle). Keesha says, “Pastor Lewis entrusted my spiritual well-being into the care of Pastor Randle and RWC, and I can honestly say, I have not been disappointed.” Keesha is eternally grateful that God would connect her to a pastor and ministry that has effectively nourished and cultivated her spiritual and personal growth. Keesha appreciates how Pastor Randle encourages her to pursue a personal relationship with God through prayer and Word study. Regarding 1st Lady Randle, Keesha says, “She’s so sweet she gives me a toothache (laughter)!” Keesha admires 1st Lady’s tremendous heart and how she embodies agape love, which flows from her.

With such an active life, Keesha manages to find time for rest and relaxation. She enjoys cooking (favorite dishes are Caribbean and Italian meals), sewing, crocheting, and knitting (taught by her stepfather during childhood), and catching up on “criminal justice” TV shows (e.g.: Law and Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc). Keesha is an avid reader of Christian literature and African-American fiction, and she loves a good coloring book! Her favorite scriptures are Jeremiah 29:11 and I Peter 5:10.

Did you know?... Keesha is a self-professed neat freak! She’s known to visit other’s homes and reorganize items to her own liking! Perhaps she should add “Professional Organizer” to her résumé??

August Member Spotlight


Meet Deborah “Debbie” Morris. Ms. Debbie was born June 10, 1951, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was raised in Elkins Park (a suburb of Philly). She attended Montgomery County Trade School in Abington, PA where she successfully completed all courses, earning a certificate as a Baker. She's yet known for her famous Butter Pound Cake!

Ms. Debbie later relocated to New Jersey, where she married and started a family. She is the proud mother of two daughters: Nakia Washington (23 y/o) and Tamika Morris (21 y/o). Ms. Debbie was a foster parent for 13 years. It was through fostering that she raised and later adopted Tamika (her first foster child) at the fragile age of 14 days old.

Back in NJ, while helping with a neighborhood outreach event for her church, Ms. Debbie struck up conversation with a realtor. This encounter was a pivotal point that changed the course of her life. Ms. Debbie had been remodeling her home, with no real plans to sell and move; however, during her initial conversation with the realtor she inquired of possibilities to sell her home. As God would have it, she sold her home in 2 months! Immediately thereafter, she and her daughters moved to Atlanta in late summer 2006.

Upon relocating to Atlanta, Ms. Debbie resumed foster parenting in Georgia and continued a few more years before entering mainstream employment. About four years ago she retired from Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing Company, where she worked as a Machine Operator assembling brakes for cars. She now enjoys providing home healthcare for the elderly.

Ms. Debbie joined Redeeming Word Church about three years ago, following an invitation to visit by member Evangelist Terri Wise. She had been attending another church at the time; however, after only two visits to RWC she was engrafted into the fold and declared “a new member” by Pastor Randle! From the onset, Ms. Debbie discerned that RWC is a place of redemption and restoration for those who have been lost and broken. Ms. Debbie says indeed her spirit was revived at RWC. This ministry has become her lifeline of hope, peace, and great faith! She says it’s been the teaching and preaching of Pastor Randle that has nursed her back to strong spiritual health. She appreciates how Pastor Randle is a discerning spiritual father who allows you time to heal, while nudging you to get past the pain. Ms. Debbie says 1st Lady Randle embodies the perfect balance of humility and power, being a mighty woman of God with a great anointing, and an approachable, pleasant spirit who knows no stranger. In ministry work, Ms. Debbie serves as an Armorbearer to 1st Lady Randle. She also lends her time and talent to the Outreach Ministry, as she has great compassion for those considered “the least of these”.

Retirement has been quite exciting for Ms. Debbie! She travels as often as she can, and is currently making plans for her SIXTH cruise by the end of summer…her favorite cruise thus far was to Aruba! She also enjoys bowling and is a big NFL and NBA fan (repping for Cam Newton and Stephen Curry)! Ms. Debbie was a talented athlete in her own right, coming up through school. She played basketball (guard), baseball (pitcher), and ran on the ‘Jesse Owens Track Team’!

In addition to Pastor Randle, Ms. Debbie honors two women of God who have been great inspirations in her life: Apostle Saundra Reis and Pastor Mable Lallo. Both have proven themselves to be more than spiritual mentors, they are friends tried and true. God has favored her to be connected to these great women of God who have been pillars of strength through challenging times.

More than any person, Ms. Debbie looks to the Word of God for comfort and guidance. Her favorite scriptures are: Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Isaiah 40:31, Philippians 4:19, and Mark 8:36.

Did you know?...Ms. Debbie has a knack for fixing stuff! She’s quite amazing with her hands; having the dexterity to pull apart, repair, and reassemble small appliances. This little lady is a real Ms. Fix It!

July Member Spotlight


Introducing Arlanda Demetrius “AJ” Ross, Jr. and Davoris Malik “DaeDae” (aka “BigBaby”) Burnstine…sons of Sis. Lanatsha Burnstine! Members of RWC since May 2014.

AJ will be 16 years old on December 19th. He is a rising 9th grader excited about entering his high school year at Benjamin E. Mays in Atlanta. AJ is focused on preparing for the rigors of high school curriculum. He wrapped up 8th grade year by making the A&B Honor Roll and has been awarded “Most Improved” in Math! AJ has taken great interest in English Language Arts, stating he enjoys the assigned reading requirements, and writing papers about the authors. His favorite book is The Red Pyramid, a fantasy-adventure book for young readers. AJ is already looking beyond high school as he has dreams to attend college. He’s yet undecided on a major, but there’s still some time to consider his interests and options. Additionally, AJ was awarded "Most Improved" in the school band, and would be a willing fill-in drummer at church...hint, hint! AJ is not only a scholar and musician, he’s a skilled athlete holding the position of defensive lineman with the GA Rattlers Recreational Football Team! He enjoys participating in Youth Department activities and looks forward to events planned for the summer! AJ states one of his key role models is Pastor Randle! He has great admiration and respect for him, and says Pastor and 1st Lady are like family. AJ is so proud to serve as an Adjutant-In-Training. This new role gives him privileged opportunity to not only serve Pastor Randle, but affords him one-on-one mentorship as he continues to grow in the ways of God and maturity as a young man.

DaeDae is a “holiday baby”! He will be 11 years old on July 4th! He is a rising 6th grader at Kindezi Charter School in Old Fourth Ward Atlanta. His 5th grade year ended with a blast, as he received the “Perseverance Award” in Math and English Language Arts! His favorite classes are Math, Science, and Social Studies. He has such a keen interest in History; Mom says he could have a career as a Historian! DaeDae loves to read. His favorite book is James and the Giant Peach, a fantasy-adventure book for young readers. DaeDae is proud to say he purchases his own books! Mom says he will easily spend all of his pocket money buying books at the school book fair; however, now that school is out, he can commit more time to his favorite hobby: video games! DaeDae says he loves to sing! He’s tapped into the strength of his vocals and is excited to join the Youth Praise Team! He is also an athlete, playing small forward for the GA Rattles basketball team, as well as offensive/defensive line in football. His team made it to the tournament game, but fell short with 2nd place; however, DaeDae received the “Most Valuable Player” award…he’s The Real MVP!!

AJ and DaeDae have a strong brotherly bond with a lot in common. In these boys, Mom has two personal chefs, as both enjoy cooking and have their own favorites to prepare. AJ makes great homemade pizza and perfect hamburgers! DaeDae’s specialties are steamed crab legs and homemade burritos! Both have a sincere love for God and are able to express from their own hearts the impact God’s love has on their lives. AJ says he appreciates how God is guiding him safely into young adulthood. DaeDae proudly proclaims, “Jesus died for me and washed my sins away…I love God!”

AJ and DaeDae have an endearing love for Mom. AJ says, “She understands me and pushes me to do my best.” DaeDae’s response is simply, “I respect her and she gives me all the stuff I want!” What more could boys ask for…understanding and stuff!

June Member Spotlight


Introducing Brother Andrew Michael “Mike” Ramsey (aka “Rock”) and Sister Natalie Elinor “Nat” Beauchamp Ramsey! Brother Mike was born October 28th in Detroit, MI and grew up in Cleveland, OH. Sister Natalie was born March 25th in New Haven, CT, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and later moved to Cleveland. The story of their union pre-dates their conversion to salvation. They met through what appeared to be a chance encounter at a neighborhood “watering hole”. Brother Mike – ever the gentleman - offered Sister Natalie a seat, and from there casual conversation ensued. At the time, both were in the final stages of less than desirable marriages. Because of the commonality they shared in their personal circumstances, they developed a strong, supportive friendship. As life matters resolved and their hearts healed, throughout it all their friendship helped to see them through. Years later, and after about four years of dating, they were married on July 9, 1994 in Cleveland. A few months after, they moved to Atlanta to begin new life with new love in a new city!

The Ramseys have been faithful and very supportive members of RWC since approximately 2009. They had known Pastor Randle for many years, having all been members of our parent church, Anointed Word COGIC (Bishop Bobby Henderson). Upon joining RWC, they were immediately put to work! Brother Mike has served in capacities of Deacon, Facilities Maintenance, and Armorbearer. Sister Natalie is a licensed Evangelist and Missionary who coordinates our Outreach and Prison Ministries. Sister Natalie says, “Pastor Randle is an out-of-the-box leader who doesn’t try to fit the mold of church-as-usual”. To that, Brother Mike adds, “1st Lady Randle is a great woman of God with poise and a beautiful personality”.

Brother Mike is a retired welder who worked nearly 18 years at Builders Steel. Sister Natalie recently retired after nearly 26 years with AT&T. The Ramseys are now living the American dream…going from employees to employers! They are proud entrepreneurs having started their own cleaning business - Rock Professional Cleaners! Rock Professional Cleaners began as a small labor of love in 2008. Now, God has favored them with MULTIPLE commercial properties contracts and their own employees! Not ones to put all of their coins in one basket, The Ramseys are fortunate to have multiple streams of income. Brother Mike works part time as a Lieutenant with Universal Protection Services, while Sister Natalie is a Business Partner with Tracy Lynn Fashion Jewelry. Brother Mike has an Associates degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University. Sister Natalie attended Mercer University and plans to return to school to pursue a Bachelors degree in Human Services.

When there is some down time for relaxation and recreation The Ramseys enjoy music events, watching sports, and yard work. They're also looking forward to a cruise planned for later this year. The Ramseys are very family oriented and celebrate the joys of having a blended family. Brother Mike has two adult daughters (Miika and Karen), and Sister Natalie has a “bonus” adult daughter whom she raised (Kanema). They have four grandchildren (Jackson, Amani, Min’yaga, Ayasha, and Zion).

As husband and wife, business partners, and co-laborers in ministry...on every front, The Ramseys are a TEAM! They both agree the keys to a healthy marriage are communication and trust. Sister Natalie calls her husband her bestfriend. Brother Mike says his wife is indeed his soulmate. Together they rejoice that God gave them a second chance at real love, and it's a beautiful thing!

May Member Spotlight


Introducing Timothy Ryan “Tim” Jenkins (aka “Silky Smooth”…more on that later)! Tim will be celebrating his birthday on May 4th. He is a Grady-baby native Atlantan, with family ties in Shreveport, LA.

Tim works full-time as a Route Sales Representative for Frito-Lay Distribution Center in Decatur, GA. For all the long hours and hard work, the best part of his job is having access to all the surplus snacks!

Tim joined Redeeming Word Church in April 2009. A family member introduced him to Pastor Randle on what he thought was a random visit to the ministry, not realizing at the moment it was actually a divine appointment. Having been out of church for 3 years, Tim couldn’t deny knowing in his spirit that God had assigned him to this ministry, and given him a pastor after His own heart.

Tim has served in several capacities of ministry such as Armorbearer, Audio Tech, Praise Dancer, and Mime. He says he’s tried unsuccessfully to join the Praise Team, but keeps getting denied for throwing in the occasional “oooh yeah” R&B runs (laughs!) However, Tim as indeed found his rightful place within the Audio/Video Ministry as the Videographer & Photographer, capturing all of our special ministry moments and milestones. Tim attended the Arts Institute of Atlanta for 2 years, majoring in Digital Film Making & Production. He now has his own photography business, Rare Shot Imagery, and is blessed to have an increasing clientele base.

In addition to photography, Tim is a burgeoning comedian...enter “Silky Smooth”, RWC’s resident comedian! Whether in skits, videos, pictures, or conversation Silky doesn’t quit until you’re laughing! His latest video immediately went viral with nearly 37,000 views! Stay tuned for more of the life and times of #SilkySmooth… coming to a viral video near you!

Tim’s laughter and optimism were born through the hard-knocks of life and maturing into adulthood. There was a season when he endured an extended season of unemployment, homelessness, and seemingly hopelessness. During this time, being surrounded and supported by the saints, he realized his greatest motivation to succeed was HIMSELF. Losing wasn’t an option, success was his birthright! Knowing that God had great destiny for him, he held fast to Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” He never lost his laughter and always maintained a glass-half-full perspective. Tim outlasted the storms with a testimony of sure victory in Jesus Christ! 

It’s because of his ability to envision the best outcome that Tim is able to capture rare shots of his photography subjects. He has the creative genius to pull candid moments of laughter, light, and hope through the lens. His personal adage is: “My vision is so much greater than what my eyes can see.” In saying this, Tim is speaking his vision into existence, as his gifts in photography and comedy are indeed making room for him.

April Member Spotlight


Meet Jennifer LaShaun Bennett aka “jennbenn” (a cool nickname bestowed by her middle school math teacher)! Jennifer was born on November 16th on Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, MD. She’s a military brat and a “PK” (preacher’s kid), as her father is a retired Air Force veteran and a Baptist preacher. Growing up she enjoyed all the special attention and perks of being an only child. She and her parents traveled often because of the military, and in 1996 she moved to Atlanta with her mother to be closer to family. In 2006, Jennifer graduated from Denison University (Grandville, OH) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater. She’s strongly considering returning to school to pursue a Masters degree.

Jennifer first came to Redeeming Word Church by invite from a friend who knew Pastor Randle. Immediately, she became active with the Youth Ministry and Praise Team, before finally becoming an official member, nearly a year later, in 2009. What really captivated her about RWC was the genuine spirit she found in the leadership of Pastor and 1st Lady Randle. Even Pastor Randle’s “joyful NOISE” in singing was something she could appreciate because it proved that real worship is found in the melody of your heart and in the key of sincerity. She does say though, Pastor Randle’s tune has gotten sooo much better over the years...laughs!!!

Jennifer still faithfully sings on the Praise Team (soprano). She enjoys singing because, aside from prayer, singing is how she worships God. Whether at church, at home, or on the go, with her voice she always has a means of open communication with the Father. Another area of ministry where Jennifer is involved is Praise Dance. This ministry really taps into her artistry as a dancer, as she has varying levels of experience in jazz, ballet, modern, and belly dancing! When it comes to the rhema Word of God, Jennifer says virtually any sermon on the topic of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ is an on time Word for her! It’s because a sinless Savior paid the ultimate sacrifice for sinful man, that she holds fast to her motto: Every day is a new day to get it right!”

Jennifer is a music buff whose favorites run the gamut of Motown classics, to Gospel icons, to Hip Hop legends, to Bollywood musicals (Middle Eastern culture). She is a talented Flutist and loves the sound of Spanish guitar. Jennifer is a skilled seamstress having learned to sew from her maternal grandmother while spending summers with her as a little girl. Her fashion inspiration is noted fashion designer Pnina Tornai from the hit TV show “Say Yes To The Dress”! Jennifer is also a jewelry artisan who creates custom pieces for family, friends, and special occasions. This gifted designer says “Why always buy it, if you can make it?” As an avid reader she loves stories that challenge her imagination, be it science fiction, mysteries or romance. Every year she reads the timeless classics Pride and Prejudice and Gone With the WindIndeed, Jennifer is a real Renaissance woman with a plethora of eclectic interests! Her passions for fashion, music, dance, and theater are all the many layers that make her quite unique!

Jennifer credits both of her grandmothers as being her greatest inspirations in life. Each has enjoyed more than 50 years of marriage and by their own examples, have shown her how a woman holds both the sanctity of marriage, and the unselfish love of family, in high regard.

Did you know?...Jennifer is the queen of Karaoke! Whether at home singing privately in a hair brush, or with friends in random public places…the world is her stage!

March Member Spotlight


Meet Amani aka “Slim” the Super Star Athlete! Amani is a 14 yr-old 8th grader at Kendrick Middle School. She’s the Shooting Guard on the Junior Varsity Basketball Team, averaging 15-17 points per game! Amani helped carry The Lady Comets to victory as the Clayton County Champions, and in March she and the undefeated College Park Rim Rockers are headed to State! More than being a star athlete, Amani is a star scholar, having multiple acknowledgements as an A-B Honor Roll student! Upon graduating college (shout out to Florida State Univ!), Amani’s dream career would be playing in the WNBA. However, a career as an OB/GYN Nurse is a strong second option. Her favorite color is any shade of Blue. She loves ice cream and her favorite meal is mom’s Curry Chicken! Did you know…Amani is developing her skills as a cook? Her best dishes are Spaghetti and Fried Pork Chops!

Meet Min’yaga aka “Yaga” the Drama Queen! Min’yaga is a 13 yr-old 7th grader at Kendrick Middle School who’s fallen in love with the stage! She’s a member of the school Drama Club and currently plays not one, but TWO characters in the school play “The Clump”. Min’yaga already has her focus on studying Acting at UCLA; however, her love for animals has her contemplating Veterinary school as well. She's also a Cheerleader and former Ballerina who’s used her abilities as a Youth Praise Dancer at church. Min’yaga is growing into a little domestic princess. She loves helping her baby sister Zion and she’s the biggest help with household chores. Min'yaga also has a passion for learning. Did you know…Min’yaga is enrolled in accelerated classes for Math, Science, and Social Studies? AND she reads on a 12th grade level!

Meet Ayasha (pronounced Asia) aka “Froggy” the budding Musician! Ayasha is a 10 yr-old 4th grader at Callaway Elementary. She recently joined the school band and is tapping out some nice tunes on the Xylophone! But more than music, Ayasha is really focused on her studies. Her favorite classes are Science and Social Studies. She loves lunch time with her bestfriends, Carrie and Briana, and looks forward to Jeans Day every Friday! Ayasha’s favorite colors are Pink and Red. Like her older sisters, she is also learning her way around the kitchen. She's starting to cook simple and easy dishes, but mostly she helps keep the counter tops clean and the mirrors streak-free! But there’s much more to Ayasha than kitchen duties, she’s also an athlete and former member of the Conyers Community Soccer Team! Did you know…Ayasha got her nickname from her late Uncle who said, “When Ayasha was born, her big pretty eyes reminded me of a baby frog!”

Meet Zion aka “Za-Za” the Baby Boss! Zion is a 2 yr-old Day Care Warrior Princess! The pint-size party doesn’t start until Zion is in the room! She loves to be the center of attention and in her own 2 yr-old chatter, can carry on a real conversation! Mom says Zion is a News Reporter in the making, because “if she sees it, she’s gonna tell it!” Zion is really exceling in Day Care. She is learning colors, numbers, and how to spell her name. Her favorite foods are Chicken Wings, Ramen Noodles, and she LOVES vegetables! Did you know…Zion is officially, fully potty-trained? No more accidents!

The Wesley Girls are tightly bonded as sisters. They are all exceptional students, enjoy extracurricular activities, and are very helpful around the house. However, the most important common thread between them all is their love for the Redeeming Word Church Youth Department. They are learning so much about God, loving others, and how to read and understand the bible from a child’s perspective. The oldest 3 all agree that youth group activities is what really keeps their attention, because socializing with other young Christians is really important. And to that, Zion simply says…AMEN! 

February Member Spotlight


Introducing Sister Magaline Hollingsworth!... affectionately known as “Mac” or “Mag” by family and close friends. Magaline was born in Heath Springs, SC, but grew up primarily in Buffalo, NY. Due to marriage, she relocated to Atlanta in 1993. Magaline is a proud mother of two: son-Marco and daughter-Jameka; and the loving grandmother of four (3 granddaughters and a deceased grandson).

Magaline came to RWC by way of an invitation to visit. She was a member of another local church when she was invited to visit RWC by Evangelist Angela Ollie, who was a personal friend of Pastor Randle. After several months of “courting” the ministry, Magaline finally decided to commit to membership in the fall of 2008.

Magaline plays an active role in the Ministry of Helps, serving as Nurse to both Pastor & Lady Randle, and as Armorbearer to Lady Randle. She counts it an honor and privilege to serve the Man and Woman of God, performing all duties from her heart, and as unto the Lord; according to Colossians 3:23. Additionally, Magaline is a woman given to prayer. She understands that in her position of service and helps, she must maintain an effectual, fervent prayer life in covering ministry leadership.

Magaline is blessed with gifted hands and creative vision. Her mother taught her to sew at age seven. Since, she’s become a master seamstress and has her own business - Kingdom Cloths. She is also exceptionally skilled in crocheting and knitting. Being multi-talented, Magaline has a “creative flair” for interior decorating, a “green thumb” for gardening, and a “chef’s hat” for good southern cooking and baking…she really is a homemaker at heart! Magaline also enjoys writing songs and poetry, which she’d love to have published one day.

Magaline attended York Technical College (Business major) and Georgia Perimeter College (Education major). She is employed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in retail management. Her favorite color is red and she’s a huge fan of Earth Wind & Fire! Magaline’s greatest inspirations are her parents: Mom-Beatrice McIlwain (deceased) and Dad-Rudolph McIlwain, Army Veteran. She has great memories of vacationing with them at Niagara Falls.

Did you know?...Magaline’s high school sweetheart was drafted to the NBA Phoenix Suns? She could’ve been a Basketball Wife! 

January Member Spotlight


Introducing Sister Violet “Biggirl” Murphy! Violet is a native Georgian, born and raised in Atlanta and just celebrated her 55th birthday on January 8th! She’s the proud mother of 3 children (son-Tavares, son-Rontio “Kool-aid”, and daughter-Kimberly). She also raised her godson, Jeffrey. Additionally, Violet shares her heart with 5 grandsons and 5 granddaughters. Her grandchildren keep her on the go as she supports all of their sporting activities. Violet is a vibrant woman who loves to laugh and celebrates each day as a special gift from the Father.

Having such a large family, it’s only natural that Violet is a nurturer at heart. She has a special affection for children and expresses this passion through her employment as an Assistant Teacher in an Early Childhood Development Center.

Violet grew up in the church, having a foundation of God built at an early age. However, because of “life challenges” she faltered for a while, but rededicated her life to Christ in 2005 and has been on fire for God ever since!

Violet joined Redeeming Word Church in 2012, after a God-ordained encounter at the East Point MARTA station. Evangelist Terri Wise and Sister Natalie Ramsey were doing the ministry work of community outreach when they introduced themselves to Violet. Violet felt a tugging in her spirit and began to attend weekly Bible Study at RWC. Violet says what she loves most about RWC is “The way we worship. I love how intimately we love on God during praise and worship. Our love for God is real and the presence of God is tangible.” Violet says she can directly attribute her growth as a woman of God, is the result of being a member of RWC. She loves the person she has become, because of the teaching and discipleship development at RWC. Violet’s favorite scripture is John 10:10.

Violet serves in ministry as a Greeter. She’s literally “the face of Redeeming Word Church” as you enter the door. When asked why she feels her post is important in ministry, she replied “Redeeming Word Church is not just a place of worship, it’s home. It’s where the family (God’s people) come to fellowship each week. I greet people with a smile and hug because they made it home. I want everyone to see the light of God through me, and I want them to know that they are loved, appreciated, and always welcome to come home.”

Violet says the most influential person in her life is Pastor Raymond Randle. She believes Pastor really cares for those whom God has entrusted in his care. She appreciates his integrity in teaching BIBLICAL TRUTH, and that he and First Lady Randle LIVE these truths by example. Violet says whenever she’s having a challenging day, she can always recall something that Pastor or First Lady has said that will help strengthen and encourage her.

Did you know?...Violet loves to sing and carries a strong tune as an alto AND tenor!