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February Member Spotlight


Meet siblings Kayla Danielle “Kayla-Bear” and Kamran Deron “Kam”! This dynamic duo is the charming daughter and precocious son of Tawanda Dukes-Bowe and K.D. Bowe. Kayla is 13 y/o and Kamran is 12 y/o. They share the same birth month of July. These children of promise (aka “Prophet Buchanan’s Babies”) were literally spoken into existence!

The testimony is…for 10 years Kayla and Kamran’s parents tried, unsuccessfully, to conceive. There was no medical diagnosis or known reason that prevented pregnancy. While attending a church service where Prophet Charles Buchanan was guest speaker, their mom received a prophetic word where the man of God simply said, “I see a baby!” Two months later, to mom and dad’s joyful surprise, they discovered they were pregnant! The Lord didn’t stop there…He gave them double for their trouble! Four months after the birth of their first, they were pregnant AGAIN! While the enemy can never stop the will of God, he’ll certainly try to complicate it. Kayla and Kamran were both born premature. Both were delivered at 7-months gestation, weighing a delicate 1lb 14oz and 2lbs 3oz, respectively. Today, Kayla and Kamran are thriving, healthy, brilliant young people who love the Lord and fully understand that God’s hand has always been upon them.

Kayla and Kamran are in 8th grade and 7th grade. They attend Sandtown Middle School, home of the Jaguars! Both have earned repeat appearances on the A/B Honor Roll! Kayla’s favorite subject is English, and Kamran’s is Math. Kayla is an avid reader who likes age-appropriate young adult stories. Kamran is a 2nd-year band student, blowing the trombone! Now that they’re in middle school, these two are starting to think about “What do I wanna be when I grown up?” They’ve decided their best career choices would be to capitalize on what they do best right now…talking and gaming!

Kayla is the mini-Oprah of her time, so it’s quite fitting that she aspires to be a Talk Show Host! She’s is a social butterfly who enjoys talking to and interacting with people. Amongst her cousins and friends, she’s THE go-to-girl for advice, support, comfort, and a little sassy commentary! She’s a great communicator who confidently expresses herself, sharing her insight on life from the perspective of a teen. She’s no doubt developed great communication skills from her dad - a prominent radio announcer and voice-over artist. Kayla plans to attend college to major in Journalism, with minor studies in Dance.

Kamran is a video-game enthusiast! Though he LOVES to play, his artistic interest is piqued by the engineering and technical aspects of how video games are created. Kamran wants to attend college to learn Video Game Design. He aspires to one day create a gaming platform that will be sold in stores! Kamran has tons of video games, but his favorite is Madden NFL 17! He is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan and his favorite player is Devonta Freeman (Falcons Running Back).

Aside from the joys of pre-teen/teen life, Kayla and Kamran are “church kids” who have been raised to love the Lord. They both enjoy going to church and participating in ministry. Kayla serves on the Praise Team and Dance Ministry. She says she will always use her voice to sing for the Lord. Kamran is a Junior Usher and a Junior Deacon-In-Training. He also believes he will be a preacher when he grows up. Kamran definitely has a great example to follow in ministry, as he looks up to Pastor Randle as a role model. Both Pastor and 1st Lady Randle keep a watchful eye over Kayla and Kamran, loving and guiding them as an aunt and uncle. Kayla and Kamran have a tight bond with The Randle Kids, they all hang out like cousins. They’ve even started a business together called "Us 5 Body Products"! Click here to place an order!

Kayla and Kamran are very family oriented. They always look forward to spending quality time with all their cousins, aunts/uncles, and extended family members. Kayla LOVES her family is very protective and sensitive about them. Kamran has the unique distinction of being the only grandson and only male cousin on his mother’s side (his maternal grandmother had 4 daughters, and his 3 aunts only have daughters)! Kayla and Kamran’s most memorable family time was a 4-day, 3-night cruise to the Bahamas in December 2015. These two love to travel and have high hopes to one day visit Paris, France!

Kayla and Kamran credit their parents as their greatest inspirations in life. Both mom and dad are very successful in business and ministry, and are providing them the necessary tools to be successful in their own right. Kayla enjoys having Spa Days with mom. It’s a full day of pampering...”hair, tips, and toes” and lots of shopping! Kamran and dad share important bonding moments just hanging out doing guy stuff like sports and haircuts. He says his dad gives him good advice that helps him make right decisions as he matures as a young man. Kamran also says he inherited his dad’s sense of “swag and style”!

Did you know?...Kayla is a huge fan of hip-hop dance! Her favorite dancers are brothers Ayleo and Mateo Bowles (aka “Ayo & Teo”), a trailblazing hip-hop dance team from Michigan! Kamran is a bonafide neat freak! He never has to be told to pick up after himself, as everything is already in its place!

January Member Spotlight


Introducing Ms. Letitia “Titia” Bonita Allen-Besteda. Letitia was born on May 21st in Spanish Fort, Alabama. She is a divorced mother of three: daughter Rayven Allen (a 20 y/o sophomore at Clark Atlanta University), daughter Ashtine’ Besteda (a 17 y/o freshman at Georgia State University), and son Gregory Besteda (a 15 y/o home-schooled 9th grader at Georgia Connections Academy). She and her children moved to Atlanta in December 2014 so that Rayven could attend college. For about three years prior, Letitia contemplated relocating here, but then became disabled and out of work. Once Rayven was accepted into Clark, it was the perfect opportunity to move, and in fact, God-ordained.

Letitia currently works part-time as a substitute-teacher for Gwinnett County Public Schools, teaching elementary through high school. Her career field is Finance. She’s held positions as a General Manager at TitleMax (5 years employed), and as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Mid-Town Mortgage (6 years employed). In May 2010, Letitia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University, a Christian school in Montgomery, AL.  She has plans to enroll at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta to pursue a Masters degree in Christian Education.

Letitia joined Redeeming Word Church on February 21, 2016. She was introduced to the ministry through Sis. Maria Armstrong (RWC member and family friend from Alabama). They had met up at a Christmas event in December 2015 and Maria was wearing a t-shirt that said “I Love My Church”. Letitia inquired about her church, began attending services, and within weeks she and her family officially joined. She says not only did her spirit connect with the ministry, but her children enjoyed the services and the family-oriented environment. Letitia says, “What I love foremost about Redeeming Word Church is the leadership we have in Pastor & 1st Lady Randle. They present the gospel in a way that fosters your relationship with Jesus, rather than only coming from the perspective of condemnation for sin. They encourage your spiritual growth through a personal, intentional worship experience with God." Additionally, she says their transparency about life experiences helps her learn how to handle “life stuff”. Letitia also observes how her children have bonded with the 1st Family, and that they are growing in their own relationships with God.

Letitia grew up in church, raised in the admonition of the Lord. Her home church was Right Spirit Ministries (Bishop Dupree Cook) a non-denominational church in Spanish Fort. At the age of 16 y/o, she received salvation AND the baptism of the Holy Ghost – in the same night – at a church revival! She was at the altar tarrying in old school fashion, calling on the name of “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” when she was filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues! As a young adult, Letitia was a member of the praise team group “Doo Wop”, 5-member ensemble who traveled locally with Pastor Dupree Cook, setting the atmosphere of praise before the word came forth.

As an RWC member, Letitia serves in ministry as a Greeter/Usher and Sunday School Teacher. As a Greeter/Usher, she understands she is the first representation of our ministry that both visitors and members encounter when they enter the door. She greets everyone with a warm hug and smile to prepare them for an awesome worship experience. As a Sunday School Teacher, she says this position is such a gift to her because it compels her to consistently study and meditate on the Word. She says, “It’s a humbling experience to be permitted to share the word of God from a teaching format. I take my time to read, study, and understand the Word myself. It’s a work I take very seriously.” When asked about her favorite scripture(s) Letitia replied with strong conviction, “All of it! The bible as a whole speaks to and guides my life, so every scripture is my favorite!” It was through reading and professing God’s word that Letitia experienced a notable miracle in her life…

In September 2010, Letitia began to experience severe physical ailments. She went from a working business professional to disabled and unemployed due to debilitating pain. She was being seen my multiple specialists and doctors, yet no one could definitively diagnose her condition. Over time she had been prescribed nearly 30 medications. For five years Letitia’s condition went unspecified and all that was provided was more medications. Upon moving to Atlanta in 2014, she was assigned a new doctor who began a fresh work-up of her physical state, and thus began the divine process of her healing. Her new doctor diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now that she knew specifically what her condition was, she could effectively war against it in prayer! Letitia shared with Pastor & 1st Lady the complexity of her diagnosis and they set themselves in agreement with her for total healing. In wisdom, she continued to take her medications as prescribed; however, in faith with each dosage she claimed healing according to Isaiah 53:5! In June 2016, at a night of corporate prayer, Letitia laid all of her medications on the altar as an expression of being free from infirmities. At a July 2016 doctor’s appointment, she was told her condition was in remission! This news was comforting, but she knew this was NOT the end result. In October 2016, tests showed there were no traces of Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or Rheumatoid Arthritis in her body and she could cease taking all prescribed medications! Letitia testifies that God has proven Himself as Jehovah-Rapha…the Lord who heals me!

Letitia loves to read Christian literature, Self-Help material, and Biographies…books that encourage and inspire her. She naturally has the gift of gab which she effectively uses to edify others. She’s a foodie with a palate that loves Italian and Mexican dishes! She also enjoys traveling and quiet personal time. Now that her children are older she values relating to them as young adults and learning from their perspective how they see the world. She and the kids enjoy family time playing board games and cooking together. They are all excited about a family road trip to New York later this month!

Letitia’s personal motto is “You can have whatsoever you say!”…one of the faith confessions of RWC (Mark 11:23). Her greatest inspirations are her maternal grandparents Arlee and Evelyn Carmichael (both deceased), affectionately called “Mama & Daddy”. She says they gave her the foundational tools needed to grow with Christ.

Did you know?...“In October 2015 while vacationing in Los Angeles, Letitia happened upon a production set filming the TV program “Rosewood”. She finagled her way on set, hopped over a barricade, and convinced the show’s star, MORRIS CHESTNUT (her celebrity crush), to take a few pictures with her!