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June Member Spotlight


Introducing Maria “Tiny” Armstrong! She was born on March 11th in Mobile, AL and is the daughter of Mary and John Slade. She has the distinct pleasure of being the baby-brat sibling of three older sisters: Angela, Melissa, and Marianne. During childhood, though her parents didn’t regularly go to church, Maria’s grandmother, Hattie Loyd (“Gram”), ensured she attended and that she knew the Lord at an early age. She received salvation around 12 y/o at Phillips Temple Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God (AOH COG) in Mobile. However, it was later in her adult life that she made an informed personal commitment to allow God to be the Lord of her life.

Maria graduated Murphy High School in 1991. She was an athlete who played Volleyball, Basketball, and ran Track. She was also part of a community cheerleading squad and dance team! After graduating high school, Maria enrolled in Bishop State Community College (Mobile), in 1992. She disenrolled from school after becoming pregnant, and later had to take some significant personal time to recover from the death of her son, Joshua DaJohn. Joshua was carried to full term; however, he was stillborn on August 18, 1993. During this time of significant loss, Maria’s family comforted her, the Lord restored her, and she was soon married months later in November. From her marriage was born one daughter, Shermier. Maria and Shermier have a tight mother/daughter bond. They are each other’s bestfriend and greatest supporter. Shermier graduated from the University of South Alabama in May 2017, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She aspires to open a Sports Training Facility. Shermier also has a burgeoning modeling career! She is currently signed to Pure Love Modeling Agency booking high profile campaigns, and has been a featured model at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans!

Maria moved to Atlanta in May 2008 seeking a fresh start following her divorce after 15 years of marriage. Not long after moving to Atlanta, she had to make a brief return to Mobile for three weeks. Back in Mobile she began attending the 12noon Prayer service at Showers of Blessings COGIC (Pastor Charles Buchanan). She received counsel from Pastor Buchanan and some of the elders who encouraged her during that season of transition and unrest. Upon returning to Atlanta, Pastor Buchanan continued to counsel Maria and advised her to start attending service at Anointed Word Evangelistic Tabernacle COGIC (Bishop Bobby Henderson). She visited a few times and later learned Pastor Buchanan would be in Atlanta for a revival…at Redeeming Word Church! Maria came to support Pastor Buchanan’s at RWC and returned again so she could hear Pastor Randle preach…and the rest is history! Maria joined RWC in the winter of 2009. The Lord favored her to refresh, reconnect, and redeem time!

Maria has great love for Pastor and 1st Lady Randle. She says "They are personable people who listen to you without judgment or criticism. They lovingly correct you while holding you to a place of accountability and reconciliation.” Though not holding the title of Prophet, the Lord does use Maria prophetically. She says the Lord has shown her that RWC is not going to be a normal COGIC church and Pastor Randle will not be the traditional COGIC Pastor. Maria says, “We are an out-of-the-box ministry…we are “glory carriers” who don’t fit the cookie cutter mold of traditional church.” Maria has a unique anointing in that the Lord shows her spiritual things through visions, and she sees angelic visitations. She has an intensive prayer life and a burden for intercessory prayer. She believes this is a mantle passed to her from her biological father, who is also an intercessor. As an intercessor, Maria often experiences physical attacks while in warfare on behalf of others. God has strengthened her and given her grace to bear this burden, as it is not for the weak or weary. In addition to being a Chief Intercessor, Maria is head of the Nurturing Ministry, providing guidance to new members and support for those who are sick or otherwise need support. She formerly served as an Adjutant to 1st Lady Randle.


Knowing it’s never too late to finish what you’ve started; Maria returned to Bishop State CC and earned her Associates degree in Accounting in 2004! She made two appearances on the Dean’s List, and was named a Who’s Who Among College Students. Additionally, she had the privilege of completing a work-study program under the head of Accounting. Her employment background is in Administration and Finance. She has held positions at Pro Data Systems, Inchcape Shipping, and Norton Lilly International. Maria is currently employed at VCG Consultants, LLC. in midtown Atlanta as an Account Specialist.

As a woman impassioned about helping others, her willingness to empower and motivate makes her a great accountability partner to anyone seeking to achieve personal goals. Maria once dreamed of purchasing abandoned buildings and renovating/converting them into homeless shelters and transitional houses. She is yet seeking the Lord about an entrepreneurial venture where she would offer consulting services in the public school system, teaching money management to children as young as 6th grade. She believes that is the perfect grade to learn the value of a hard earned dollar, as they are soon coming of age to get work permits.

Maria touts herself as a GREAT cook! Two of her favorite homemade recipes are Chicken Salad and holiday Dressing. Adding to her skill set, she’s also a talented creative writer; penning poetry and short stories. Maria’s wind down time consists of reading, music, or a lush spa day! She’s looking forward to vacationing in the Bahamas (preferably on her honeymoon…or a girls-getaway…or with her daughter…whichever happens first!)

An interesting family secret came to light when Maria was 34 y/o. She learned that the man she’d always called her Godfather (Bobby Pritchett, Sr.) was actually her biological father! Throughout her life of close interaction with her “Godfather” she always felt an inexplicable connection with him. With this revelation, her siblings instantly grew in number, as she acquired three more sisters and a brother! Over the past few years, Maria and her Dad have enjoyed learning more about each other and cultivating their new found father/daughter bond.

Maria’s greatest inspiration in life is her late Gram. At the end of her life she made a remarkable effort to “get it right” with everyone she knew. She loved the Lord and came up in the olden church. Though she was brash and a staunch disciplinarian, she made sure all her grands where in church and knew the Lord at an early age. Maria says, “Before passing, she showed us all, by example, the importance of having peace with everyone, because tomorrow isn’t promised.”

Did you know?...Maria’s family calls her “Tiny” because she was a premature baby. Born at six-month’s gestation, weighing less than a pound, she nearly made the Guinness Book of World Records!

May Member Spotlight


Meet Gregory “Greg” Besteda! His family affectionately calls him “Fat Man” because he was a chunky little baby! Greg will be 16 years old in November. He is the only son of Sis. Letitia Besteda and has two older sisters, Rayven and Ashtine’. Greg was born in Mobile, AL. He and his family relocated to Atlanta in 2014. Though Greg is settling well in Atlanta, he looks forward to visiting Mobile about four times a year to catch up with his extended family, and his best friends – Montaj and Brazil.

Upon arriving to Atlanta, Greg attended Shiloh Middle School (Snellville). He is now a 9th grade high school student enrolled in Georgia Connections Academy. GCA is an online, independent-studies program where students follow the same curriculum as their classroom peers, but have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and schedule outside of the classroom. Greg really likes this nontraditional form of education, as it enables him to learn without distractions. His favorite subjects are Honors Algebra and Honors Biology! Greg is a proud Honor Roll student, having made multiple appearances on the all As and As-Bs lists! He plans to take advanced courses (a grade level above) so that he can graduate early! Greg is beginning to think about life after high school. He’s considering attending Florida State University to pursue a degree in Sports Medicine (though Mom strongly hopes he’ll consider Georgia State University)! Greg loves football and aspires to try-out for the Seminoles as a walk-on. In middle school he played the positions of linebacker and defensive end, but would like to play corner or safety in college.

Aside from academics and athletics, Greg is your typical teen who loves social media! His platform of choice is Youtube! His Youtube channel is starting to build quite a following, climbing to nearly 200 subscribers who enjoy his “Challenge” videos! A couple of his best Challenges are Chubby Bunny and Warheads! Greg is also an amazing cook and now does most of the cooking for the family! He’s great on the grill and makes a very savory spaghetti dish! When he’s not Youtubing or cooking, he likes to just chill out watching ESPN. However, lately he’s mainly focused on wrapping up this year of high school and finding a summer job!

Shortly after moving to Atlanta, Greg and his family joined Redeeming Word Church. They became active in ministry and really enjoy the true fellowship amongst the saints. Greg is proud to say that it is at Redeeming Word where he made his own personal decision to receive salvation at 14 years old. As it relates to spiritual matters, one thing that Greg holds dear is a prophetic word he received during a Prophetic Conference at Redeeming Word…that there is a “call to preach” upon his life. Greg fully embraces this calling and will yield himself to being developed in the Lord’s timing. Greg really appreciates Pastor Randle as a positive role model and mentor. He listens attentively, gleaning instruction and inspiration to help him with “life stuff” as a teen. He loves 1st Lady Randle because of her gentle nature and he says, “She’s really nice!” Greg has served as an Armorbearor to Pastor Randle and an Usher. As a young man in ministry, he’s building friendships with other youth and young adults as he’s working to become more involved in Youth Department activities.

Greg is closely bonded with his Mom and sisters. At the first of the year they all spontaneously loaded up and took a family roadtrip to New York, Virginia, and DC! This family unit is so tightly woven that they simply say “it’s us four and no more!” As the only son, Greg is very protective of his sisters. Likewise, as the youngest sibling, his sisters are very protective of him. Most times you’ll see all three of them hanging out together. Greg has an endearing love for his Mom and says, “She’s my every thing.”

Greg’s greatest inspiration in life is his great-grandfather, Mr. Arlee Carmichael (affectionately called “Daddy”). Daddy, who passed away in 2015, was a man of God who possessed great wisdom, patience, and love. Greg says, “Daddy always encouraged me to stay in school, stay motivated, and always keep God first in my life.” Greg’s personal motto can be found in scripture – Mark 9:23 “…all things are possible to him that believeth.”

Greg has not one, but THREE favorite scriptures: Romans 8:28, I Corinthians 2:9, and Jeremiah 29:11. He says during his prayer time he always acknowledges God’s goodness that protects him from the trappings of young adulthood, and for keeping his family healthy and together. He believes in having designated prayer time, before bed and when he wakes up. He says, “God will give you the answers you need when you seek Him in prayer.” It’s because of his prayer life and relationship with God that Greg is able to effectively give the right words for the right situation, when his friends need to hear the right thing at the right time.

Did you know?...Greg was so committed to the New Year Fast & Consecration, that he still HAS NOT consumed any sodas or fastfood! Five months in and holding strong…

April Member Spotlight


Meet Evangelist Vanessa D. Hill….affectionately known as “Niecy” by family and friends! Vanessa was born on December 28th in Columbus, GA. Though she was the third of seven children, she was actually raised as an only child. Her parents separated when she was an infant and by a unique occurrence of events, her mother moved to Atlanta, taking her six siblings. Vanessa remained in Columbus where she was raised by her father, Jimmy Hill, and his sister, Gertha Mae Williams. Aunt Gertha legally adopted her at 7-weeks-old. Vanessa completed high school and later enrolled in the Nursing Program at Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC) in Phenix City, AL located just outside of Columbus. She was a full time student from 1988-1992. Just six months shy of graduating, she had to withdraw to assist in caring for her grandmother’s failing health. Sadly, Mrs. Rebecca “Bigmama” Hill passed away in 1992. Bigmama’s life, love, and legacy made an indelible mark on Vanessa’s life.

In October 1994, Vanessa moved to Atlanta. She was a single mom in her mid-20s. Moving to Atlanta afforded her the chance to build a relationship with her biological mother and siblings, as well as pursue better employment opportunities. This move proved to be all part of God’s desired plan for her life. Not only was she able to reconnect and bond with her maternal side of the family, but a new career awaited her. After working as a Medical Assistant for a couple of years, she accepted a Customer Service position with Crawford & Company Insurance firm in Atlanta. This entry level position was the springboard that catapulted her now very successful career in Insurance. God always has a divine plan, of which, we usually walk into it unaware.

Over a nearly 25-year career in the Insurance industry, Vanessa has held key positions at Crawford & Company, American International Group (AIG) Insurance, and Liberty Mutual Insurance. She is now an Independent Claims Adjuster contracted with State Farm Insurance. Vanessa has proven herself to be a valued asset at every company she’s worked for. Her exceptional service has garnered her 'Best Manager' awards, promotions, bonuses, and the undeniable respect of her peers and those in upper management. Vanessa has created programs, written training manuals, and instituted best practice policies that are still effectively being utilized. Throughout her career, she has trained well over 100 Insurance Adjusters. She is a Certified Claims Adjuster in 17 states! Each state requires a comprehensive training course. She most recently received certification in New York and Hawaii; two of the most difficult states to become certified in. As an independent contractor, Vanessa travels extensively for several months at a time. She is currently on assignment with State Farm working in Florida as a Senior Litigation Adjuster where she manages multiple areas of claims (eg. worker’s compensation, injuries, incidents, accidents, etc).

Having risen through the ranks in her field, Vanessa is now poised to turn the page and begin a new, challenging, yet very exciting chapter! She is in the fledgling stages of launching her own business – Insurance Handlers of America! Her program will offer training for new adjusters and course credits for those currently in the industry. Through networking, and on the strength of her proven track record, she has attracted the interest of many who are set and ready to enroll when her program launches in June 2018! Ever the astute business professional, Vanessa believes in letting your money work for you! She plans to keep the cost of her overhead low by taking advantage of the “virtual classroom” online training platform. Insurance Handlers of America will offer convenient web-based training where students can login and learn remotely from wherever they are across the globe! However, most courses will be offered in a traditional onsite classroom environment.

Vanessa has the distinction of being a founding member of Redeeming Word Church! She was there at the first bible study held at AmeriSuites hotel in June 2005. She jokes that as a founding member, she has never “officially joined” nor received the right hand of fellowship…so she’s free to uprise and revolt if she wants to! LOL! Vanessa was a member of Anointed Word Evangelistic Tabernacle COGIC (Bishop Bobby Henderson), where she’d joined right after moving to Atlanta. She is a licensed Evangelist having received her credentials in the early 2000s. She has been honored to accept many speaking engagements, to include a One Night Revival she hosted in Germany in 2012, where many souls were saved and delivered! Vanessa is an effective teacher, gifted singer, and talented praise dancer. However, her fervency for intercession is how she feels the Lord makes best use of her vessel. She has a strong deliverance ministry with an anointing to “pray through” until true deliverance takes place. She has no reservation or fear in calling out demonic manifestations, or casting down strongholds. Vanessa knows the Lord has called her to a consecrated life of prayer and fasting so that captives can be set free.

Vanessa is COGIC born and raised! She received salvation at 19 years old. Her first recollection of speaking in tongues was at home during her own prayer time. As she went forth in prayer and worship the evidence of tongues began to flow! In Columbus, she came up in Walker Temple COGIC under the late Supt. Thomas Walker (now Philippians COGIC, Supt. Ronnie Duckworth). Upon moving to Atlanta, Supt. Duckworth told her to “plant yourself some place where you can grow”. After 11 faithful years of membership at Anointed Word, Vanessa indeed is now planted, flourishing, and nurturing others in ministry at Redeeming Word Church. She says, “I appreciate how Redeeming Word has not only helped me grow, but affords me the space to walk in and further develop my calling.” Her relationship with Pastor Randle is that of brother and very dear friend, as they have known each other from the days of Anointed Word. She respects Pastor Randle for his integrity, strong character, and being a man whom she’s not ashamed to call “my Pastor”. Vanessa adores 1st Lady Randle. She calls her a genuine lover of people who keeps a blanket of prayer cloaked over the members of Redeeming Word. Vanessa’s revelatory outlook of Redeeming Word Church is that "we are a mega ministry…regardless of our strength in numbers." She expresses that Pastor Randle has an uncompromising level of holiness through which the effective power of the Holy Ghost can operate. This standard of untainted and unrestrained holiness is what makes Redeeming Word a mega ministry. She says, “Indeed I see us growing in numbers, but the foundation of holiness will never change and that’s what mega ministry is.”

Vanessa is the mother of one daughter, Veanna Hill-Mumuni, and has one grandson, 3-year-old Stephen. Of her six siblings, one is deceased, and the other five live in the metro-Atlanta area. She has a host of nieces and nephews and enjoys sharing quality time with her extended family. Vanessa is known as the constant comedian who’s always able to lighten the mood or keep the party going! As a mother, grandmother, business woman, and minister…she spends a great amount of time on the go and interacting with people. So, during her downtime she likes to take in the sights and sounds of nature and natural habitats…walking in the park, feeling the wind in her face, duck watching, and sitting by the water. Vacation time is always in order and she looks forward to another trip to Jamaica!

Vanessa credits her Aunt Margie as her greatest inspiration. She admires her strength, prayer life, and constant encouragement. Aunt Margie lives in Columbus. They talk on a regular basis and look forward to seeing each other a couple times a year. Being a woman about business, her personal mantra is “Git ‘er done!” …which simply means find a way take it happen!

Did you know?...Vanessa once discovered a dead body IN CHURCH!! One evening as a teen, she'd made a personal commitment to arrive to church on time. Upon arrival, she casually greeted one of the mothers who would come early to clean the church. After speaking twice with no response, Vanessa approached the woman of God and discovered she had expired! Vanessa literally ran out of her shoes...close to giving up the ghost herself! 

March Member Spotlight


Introducing Ms. Barbara D. Douglas! Barbara is a certified “Grady Baby”, born June 10, 1964 at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, GA. She is the mother of 3 sons: Don (37 y/o), Jeff (34 y/o), and Tim (30 y/o); and 2 daughters: Temp (27 y/o) and Moonk (26 y/o). Barbara also shares her love with 7 grandchildren (5 boys, 2 girls).

Barbara attended Sylvan High School and later transferred to J.E. Brown High School, where she graduated. Her employment background has been Clerical Support and Customer Service. Ever seeking personal development and professional advancement, Barbara has been a student at Atlanta Area Tech, taking courses in the Licensed Practical Nurse program and Early Childhood Development program. Currently, she is enrolled in the Cosmetology program, fine tuning her natural talent as a hair stylist. She is on track to graduate in May 2018 as a licensed Cosmetologist! With earned credentials and a strong clientele base, her end goal is to become her own boss as Owner/Operator of “Amazing Touch Beauty and Nail Salon”!

There is one career choice that Barbara wants to pursue that is more of a labor of love than a business venture. It’s her dream to start a transitional home for young women, “because life is hard and the streets are tough.” She wants to create a safe place for younger women to take refuge from abuse at the hands of others, and themselves. This dream is inspired by her own astonishing life experiences. The synopsis of Barbara’s life is the dichotomous “tragedy to triumph” story…where only the strong survive by the power of God.

Barbara was raised in the church. From childhood she was taught to love the Lord, love your family, and live for God. However, the messages of love she heard at church were a far cry from the lack of love in her home. Her home life was tumultuous. Both of her parents lacked the cognitive tools to nurture, love, and positively affirm her. Her mother was the neighborhood bootlegger. She also manufactured and sold drugs in the home. Her father was physically abusive and an alcoholic. Though drugs and violence in the home was common place, Barbara remained focused on her studies and tried to avoid the triggers of her parents. Soon, violence outside of the home would visit her in school when she was raped at age 15 by a fellow classmate. She held this secret, telling no one, bearing this traumatic experience alone.

By her early 20s, Barbara began to experiment with drugs which were easily accessible to her at home. By her late 20s/early 30s she was a full blown addict, subjecting herself to crack binges, alcohol abuse, and prostitution. She and her children’s father began to manufacture and sell drugs. She would suffer severe beatings from their father, himself an addict, who forced her into criminal activity. Barbara’s children were her main focus for survival. However, after multiple incarcerations, and nearly 10 stints in rehab facilities, she ultimately lost custody of her children when they were signed over to their paternal grandmother. While this was the best situation for them, it was a devastating blow to Barbara and sent her further in a downward spiral of addiction. During the lowest points of her life she was raped by a police officer, pistol whipped, sexual exploited, and suffered numerous physical assaults. 

In 2004, Barbara was shot and nearly died. The bullet caused life threatening damage to her large intestine. She was comatose for 1 ½ months and required 23 surgeries. Barbara had to learn to walk, talk, write, and feed herself again…everything that most take for granted had to be reintroduced to her and relearned. Thirteen years later, Barbara is a physically strong, high-spirited grandmother with the only tell-tale sign of this tragedy being that her right arm is shorter than her left. Inexplicably, she lost the ability to fully extend her right arm, which was in no way affected by the shooting. For Barbara, it makes for a great conversation piece. Whenever she is asked about it, it’s her opportunity to tell her testimony of survival!

Barbara joined Redeeming Word Church in the summer of 2011. She lived across the street from the church and often sat and watched all the “nicely dressed, good looking people” come and go. She had been attending another church in the neighborhood, but felt her spirit gravitating toward RWC though to this point she’d still never visited. One weekend, RWC was having a Summer Festival in the church parking lot. By the time Barbara decided to walk over, the festival was closing down and most of the saints and visitors were gone. However, she struck up conversation with 1st Lady Randle and Sis. Natalie Ramsey. They fixed her a plate, prayed with her, and invited her to visit for worship service. With that invitation she visited again, and joined the ministry…plus it helped that the church next door relocated!

Even after becoming a member of RWC, Barbara was still entangled with the yoke of addiction and abuse. Her presence was missed as she began to hit n’ miss in church attendance. To this day, she and Pastor Randle laugh about the Saturday when he and a couple saints drove up on her in the neighborhood. They found her sitting on the porch swinging her legs, with her Wild Irish Rose wine and Earthquake beer…totally caught off guard by the Pastor’s “drive by”! Having a shepherd’s heart filled with compassion, void of judgment and condemnation, Pastor Randle talked with her a little while. He then left and shortly returned with dinner from Popeye’s and an encouraging word to "get back in the safety of the Lord’s house." Barbara’s excuse was that she had nothing to wear…to that, Pastor retorted, “I got you.”

On that Sunday morning, Barbara was terribly ill. Years of substance abuse had taken its toll and she felt literally at the point of death. In her words she described that morning as “I could not breathe…I couldn’t get out of bed…I was just there…in a bad place…I felt myself dying that morning.” One of the saints, Dr. Blanche Bello, came by her home with a dress for her to wear to church. Though her physical body was weak and battered, her spirit-man was fighting to survive. Barbara says, “I got myself together, put on that dress and my matted wig, and walked across the street and went to church.” That weekend marked a pivotal point that forever changed the narrative of her story. God sent Pastor Randle and the RWC saints to rescue Barbara from certain death. This year Barbara D. Douglas is entering her 5th year of being CLEAN AND SOBER since September 9, 2012!! Living a life free of bondage is the reason behind her exuberant praise! “This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” –Psalm 118:23

Barbara says, “For so long I wasn’t strong enough to fight on my own, but I had a WILL to live, and that will gave God something to work with. His strength was made perfect in my weakness. When faith was all I had, it was ultimately all that I needed. I knew my Daddy (Father God) would come to rescue me, and today I don’t look like what I’ve been through!" Barbara knows God spared her life so that she can share the story of redemption with other young women. She is drawn to minister to ladies who are dealing with adverse situations as the result of poor decisions, and to those who don’t have a strong support system. She says, “I share with them my testimony that God can and WILL deliver you from the worst case scenarios of life if you TRUST Him and cast ever care upon Him, because the Lord cares for you.” Barbara’s favorite passages of scripture are Psalms 51 & 121. She loves the Word of God and appreciates the sound, practical teaching ministry of Pastor Randle. Barbara adores her RWC family! It was the love of Pastor, 1st Lady, and the RWC saints that nurtured her to a place of personal healing. She says the love in our ministry is like a magnet…you’re drawn to it and it sticks to you!

Barbara stays busy enjoying life and fully embracing every experience! She loves cookouts and family gatherings. She is so grateful that God is steadily rebuilding her relationships with her children. Every moment she can spend with them and her grands is a cherished one. Her prayer is that God will continue to groom her as a mother and grandmother, and that her life remains a witness to them of God’s power to heal, deliver, and set free. Barbara also enjoys redecorating her home, crafting, crocheting and knitting. She loves to travel and hopes to soon visit one of her good girlfriends in Jacksonville, FL.

Barbara says there are two women who are most influential and inspirational to her life. One is her Aunt Sharon (her mother’s sister). Like Barbara, Aunt Sharon survived years of substance abuse, and today lives a Godly life. The other is the critically acclaimed actress, Angela Bassett. She admires her grace and sophistication; and how she portrays roles where women are strong, smart survivors!

Did you know?…Barbara has a green thumb! Whether pruning, planting, or re-potting she has a knack for making flowers flourish! She loves to keep flowers in and around the home. Her favorite is the Colocasia plant (aka ”the Elephant Ear”).

February Member Spotlight


Meet siblings Kayla Danielle “Kayla-Bear” and Kamran Deron “Kam”! This dynamic duo is the charming daughter and precocious son of Tawanda Dukes-Bowe and K.D. Bowe. Kayla is 13 y/o and Kamran is 12 y/o. They share the same birth month of July. These children of promise (aka “Prophet Buchanan’s Babies”) were literally spoken into existence!

The testimony is…for 10 years Kayla and Kamran’s parents tried, unsuccessfully, to conceive. There was no medical diagnosis or known reason that prevented pregnancy. While attending a church service where Prophet Charles Buchanan was guest speaker, their mom received a prophetic word where the man of God simply said, “I see a baby!” Two months later, to mom and dad’s joyful surprise, they discovered they were pregnant! The Lord didn’t stop there…He gave them double for their trouble! Four months after the birth of their first, they were pregnant AGAIN! While the enemy can never stop the will of God, he’ll certainly try to complicate it. Kayla and Kamran were both born premature. Both were delivered at 7-months gestation, weighing a delicate 1lb 14oz and 2lbs 3oz, respectively. Today, Kayla and Kamran are thriving, healthy, brilliant young people who love the Lord and fully understand that God’s hand has always been upon them.

Kayla and Kamran are in 8th grade and 7th grade. They attend Sandtown Middle School, home of the Jaguars! Both have earned repeat appearances on the A/B Honor Roll! Kayla’s favorite subject is English, and Kamran’s is Math. Kayla is an avid reader who likes age-appropriate young adult stories. Kamran is a 2nd-year band student, blowing the trombone! Now that they’re in middle school, these two are starting to think about “What do I wanna be when I grown up?” They’ve decided their best career choices would be to capitalize on what they do best right now…talking and gaming!

Kayla is the mini-Oprah of her time, so it’s quite fitting that she aspires to be a Talk Show Host! She’s is a social butterfly who enjoys talking to and interacting with people. Amongst her cousins and friends, she’s THE go-to-girl for advice, support, comfort, and a little sassy commentary! She’s a great communicator who confidently expresses herself, sharing her insight on life from the perspective of a teen. She’s no doubt developed great communication skills from her dad - a prominent radio announcer and voice-over artist. Kayla plans to attend college to major in Journalism, with minor studies in Dance.

Kamran is a video-game enthusiast! Though he LOVES to play, his artistic interest is piqued by the engineering and technical aspects of how video games are created. Kamran wants to attend college to learn Video Game Design. He aspires to one day create a gaming platform that will be sold in stores! Kamran has tons of video games, but his favorite is Madden NFL 17! He is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan and his favorite player is Devonta Freeman (Falcons Running Back).

Aside from the joys of pre-teen/teen life, Kayla and Kamran are “church kids” who have been raised to love the Lord. They both enjoy going to church and participating in ministry. Kayla serves on the Praise Team and Dance Ministry. She says she will always use her voice to sing for the Lord. Kamran is a Junior Usher and a Junior Deacon-In-Training. He also believes he will be a preacher when he grows up. Kamran definitely has a great example to follow in ministry, as he looks up to Pastor Randle as a role model. Both Pastor and 1st Lady Randle keep a watchful eye over Kayla and Kamran, loving and guiding them as an aunt and uncle. Kayla and Kamran have a tight bond with The Randle Kids, they all hang out like cousins. They’ve even started a business together called "Us 5 Body Products"! Click here to place an order!

Kayla and Kamran are very family oriented. They always look forward to spending quality time with all their cousins, aunts/uncles, and extended family members. Kayla LOVES her family is very protective and sensitive about them. Kamran has the unique distinction of being the only grandson and only male cousin on his mother’s side (his maternal grandmother had 4 daughters, and his 3 aunts only have daughters)! Kayla and Kamran’s most memorable family time was a 4-day, 3-night cruise to the Bahamas in December 2015. These two love to travel and have high hopes to one day visit Paris, France!

Kayla and Kamran credit their parents as their greatest inspirations in life. Both mom and dad are very successful in business and ministry, and are providing them the necessary tools to be successful in their own right. Kayla enjoys having Spa Days with mom. It’s a full day of pampering...”hair, tips, and toes” and lots of shopping! Kamran and dad share important bonding moments just hanging out doing guy stuff like sports and haircuts. He says his dad gives him good advice that helps him make right decisions as he matures as a young man. Kamran also says he inherited his dad’s sense of “swag and style”!

Did you know?...Kayla is a huge fan of hip-hop dance! Her favorite dancers are brothers Ayleo and Mateo Bowles (aka “Ayo & Teo”), a trailblazing hip-hop dance team from Michigan! Kamran is a bonafide neat freak! He never has to be told to pick up after himself, as everything is already in its place!

January Member Spotlight


Introducing Ms. Letitia “Titia” Bonita Allen-Besteda. Letitia was born on May 21st in Spanish Fort, Alabama. She is a divorced mother of three: daughter Rayven Allen (a 20 y/o sophomore at Clark Atlanta University), daughter Ashtine’ Besteda (a 17 y/o freshman at Georgia State University), and son Gregory Besteda (a 15 y/o home-schooled 9th grader at Georgia Connections Academy). She and her children moved to Atlanta in December 2014 so that Rayven could attend college. For about three years prior, Letitia contemplated relocating here, but then became disabled and out of work. Once Rayven was accepted into Clark, it was the perfect opportunity to move, and in fact, God-ordained.

Letitia currently works part-time as a substitute-teacher for Gwinnett County Public Schools, teaching elementary through high school. Her career field is Finance. She’s held positions as a General Manager at TitleMax (5 years employed), and as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Mid-Town Mortgage (6 years employed). In May 2010, Letitia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University, a Christian school in Montgomery, AL.  She has plans to enroll at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta to pursue a Masters degree in Christian Education.

Letitia joined Redeeming Word Church on February 21, 2016. She was introduced to the ministry through Sis. Maria Armstrong (RWC member and family friend from Alabama). They had met up at a Christmas event in December 2015 and Maria was wearing a t-shirt that said “I Love My Church”. Letitia inquired about her church, began attending services, and within weeks she and her family officially joined. She says not only did her spirit connect with the ministry, but her children enjoyed the services and the family-oriented environment. Letitia says, “What I love foremost about Redeeming Word Church is the leadership we have in Pastor & 1st Lady Randle. They present the gospel in a way that fosters your relationship with Jesus, rather than only coming from the perspective of condemnation for sin. They encourage your spiritual growth through a personal, intentional worship experience with God." Additionally, she says their transparency about life experiences helps her learn how to handle “life stuff”. Letitia also observes how her children have bonded with the 1st Family, and that they are growing in their own relationships with God.

Letitia grew up in church, raised in the admonition of the Lord. Her home church was Right Spirit Ministries (Bishop Dupree Cook) a non-denominational church in Spanish Fort. At the age of 16 y/o, she received salvation AND the baptism of the Holy Ghost – in the same night – at a church revival! She was at the altar tarrying in old school fashion, calling on the name of “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” when she was filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues! As a young adult, Letitia was a member of the praise team group “Doo Wop”, 5-member ensemble who traveled locally with Pastor Dupree Cook, setting the atmosphere of praise before the word came forth.

As an RWC member, Letitia serves in ministry as a Greeter/Usher and Sunday School Teacher. As a Greeter/Usher, she understands she is the first representation of our ministry that both visitors and members encounter when they enter the door. She greets everyone with a warm hug and smile to prepare them for an awesome worship experience. As a Sunday School Teacher, she says this position is such a gift to her because it compels her to consistently study and meditate on the Word. She says, “It’s a humbling experience to be permitted to share the word of God from a teaching format. I take my time to read, study, and understand the Word myself. It’s a work I take very seriously.” When asked about her favorite scripture(s) Letitia replied with strong conviction, “All of it! The bible as a whole speaks to and guides my life, so every scripture is my favorite!” It was through reading and professing God’s word that Letitia experienced a notable miracle in her life…

In September 2010, Letitia began to experience severe physical ailments. She went from a working business professional to disabled and unemployed due to debilitating pain. She was being seen my multiple specialists and doctors, yet no one could definitively diagnose her condition. Over time she had been prescribed nearly 30 medications. For five years Letitia’s condition went unspecified and all that was provided was more medications. Upon moving to Atlanta in 2014, she was assigned a new doctor who began a fresh work-up of her physical state, and thus began the divine process of her healing. Her new doctor diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now that she knew specifically what her condition was, she could effectively war against it in prayer! Letitia shared with Pastor & 1st Lady the complexity of her diagnosis and they set themselves in agreement with her for total healing. In wisdom, she continued to take her medications as prescribed; however, in faith with each dosage she claimed healing according to Isaiah 53:5! In June 2016, at a night of corporate prayer, Letitia laid all of her medications on the altar as an expression of being free from infirmities. At a July 2016 doctor’s appointment, she was told her condition was in remission! This news was comforting, but she knew this was NOT the end result. In October 2016, tests showed there were no traces of Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or Rheumatoid Arthritis in her body and she could cease taking all prescribed medications! Letitia testifies that God has proven Himself as Jehovah-Rapha…the Lord who heals me!

Letitia loves to read Christian literature, Self-Help material, and Biographies…books that encourage and inspire her. She naturally has the gift of gab which she effectively uses to edify others. She’s a foodie with a palate that loves Italian and Mexican dishes! She also enjoys traveling and quiet personal time. Now that her children are older she values relating to them as young adults and learning from their perspective how they see the world. She and the kids enjoy family time playing board games and cooking together. They are all excited about a family road trip to New York later this month!

Letitia’s personal motto is “You can have whatsoever you say!”…one of the faith confessions of RWC (Mark 11:23). Her greatest inspirations are her maternal grandparents Arlee and Evelyn Carmichael (both deceased), affectionately called “Mama & Daddy”. She says they gave her the foundational tools needed to grow with Christ.

Did you know?...In October 2015 while vacationing in Los Angeles, Letitia happened upon a production set filming the TV program “Rosewood”. She finagled her way on set, hopped over a barricade, and convinced the show’s star, MORRIS CHESTNUT (her celebrity crush), to take a few pictures with her!